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  • A highly adaptable portable design can be put on a pedestal or utilized on a tabletop or integrated into a cabinet.
  • Compared to conventional flame tamers, ceramic briquette flavorizers offer better coverage and more equal heat distribution.
  • Teflon coating on the stove surface makes cleanup simple.
  • Utilize the 60-minute safety timer with surge protection to cooking meals to perfection.
  • 550 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached using a 1,300-watt heating element.


Introducing the Outdoor Portable Electric Grill - a perfect solution for all your outdoor grilling needs. With its highly adaptable portable design, this grill can be conveniently set up on a pedestal, tabletop, or even integrated into a cabinet.

Unlike regular flame tamers, our ceramic briquette favorites offer enhanced coverage and better heat distribution, allowing you to evenly cook your meals to perfection. Cleanup is a breeze since the stove surface has a Teflon coating that makes it easy to clean.

Furthermore, with the 60-minute safety timer with surge protection and advanced 1300-watt heating element, you will be able to reach up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit for precise cooking every single time.
This means no more burnt bbq and charred food for you! So go ahead and get ready for some delectable grilled delicacies in no time!