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Charcoal BBQ Grill

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  • With a total cooking surface of 503 square inches (30 1/2 Wide x 16 1/2 D) and a thick, bi-folding stainless steel cooking grate.
  • BBQ grill is especially perfect for grilling skewers.
  • A multipurpose grill top for skewers, a rotating charcoal handle for adjusting the heat level, an easy-to-slide ash collector tray for cleanup, and foldable side shelves for condiment storage are among the features.
  • The grill top of this appliance is also a storage shelf.
  • For mobility, the grill incorporates four heavy-duty casters or wheels.


The BBQ Grill is the perfect choice for the grilling aficionado. With a massive cooking surface of 503 square inches, you can easily feed an entire party's worth of hungry friends and family without breaking a sweat! Not only that, but this grill makes sure your food comes out perfect.

The thick bi-folding stainless steel cooking grate and adjustable charcoal handle make it easy to adjust temperature with precision, and its multipurpose grill top is perfect for making skewers and other delicious creations. Cleanup is a breeze with the easy-to-slide ash collection tray, plus two foldable side shelves for condiment storage give you extra space. Plus, not only does this barbecue stand up to the elements - it features four heavy duty casters or wheels for maximum mobility. For expert grill masters, the IG BBQ Grill has it all!